Street Art Exposé: Dasic

Street Art Exposé: Dasic from DanPerezFilms on Vimeo.

Thank you Perez family for this nice piece.

Valparaiso_ Chile 2013

Dasic & Okuda

Santiago_ Chile 2013

Soten & Dasic & Rubin_ Brooklyn_ NYC 2013

Thanks Molotow for the spray paint

9/11 at 5 Pointz_ Queens_ NYC 2013

Thank you Marie and Meres for everything. Save 5Pointz!

Hunts Point_ The Bronx_ NYC 2013

I love painting in The Bronx

Cekis & Dasic // Buzios_ Brasil 2013

Thank you to my brothers at the Skate Park in Buzios!

Koliruis Festival_ Brazil 2013

Thank you to the producers of Kolirius Graffiti Festival.